NDONESIA MUSIC NETWORK is also an independent music networking company which has a vision of connecting worldwide & local musical talents to the market of Indonesian music lovers. Collectively, since we have broader knowledge on how music industry rolls, we have joined forces this year to create a freestanding independent company which is dedicated to release a new exciting talents in music. Our office and staffs are based in Jakarta, Indonesia, the crowded home of fifteen million angelic sinners. Since the beginning the company’s had been strongly known as the most update music news in online database and also known as the music promoter and event organizer then we build an online ticket-box until today.


The company’s vision and mission have a vertical one-stop solution program in entertainment industry as follows: Music Promoter, International Exhibition, Sport Tournament, Music Festival, Concert Hall & Expo Venues, Worldwide Music Licensing, Ticketing Management, Media Information, Website Digital Creative, Data Bank & E-Payment Challenge. We will put the biggest attention on young market and family packages to have unforgettable moments and pleasure times to all customers.